Quality and a personal approach

Founded in 1984, Derco is still a family-run business. Through the years, Derco has developed into an authority in the field of development, production, and distribution of high-quality processing and conveyor belts.

Derco assumes your perspective

We at Derco are only satisfied when we have found the best solution. We can offer a suitable conveyor belt for most applications – our standard range contains around 1,500 belt types. In close consultation with our distributor and their customer, we always manage to find a solution to problems in the deployment of conveyor and processing belts.

Global distribution network

Derco supplies exclusively through distributors, of which we meanwhile have over 150 all over the world. Each independent distributor has keen knowledge of their local market and specialises in the industry to which they supply. Each Derco distributor therefore serves their own area and a specific (local or regional) industry.

Our expertise, supplemented with ongoing feedback from our distributors, gives us the knowledge and skills we need to help you select the right product, innovate product development, approach customers, and set up a fabrication workshop.

A strong network

In addition to our own product development, Derco aims to assist distributors in their continued growth. By providing active support in application issues, the setup of the fabrication workshop and customer approach, we are always looking to reinforce our distribution network. More and more of our independent distributors unite in mutual partnerships. They use each other’s stock, purchase goods together, or share their knowledge about industries, applications, and technologies.

Personal support

Derco keeps up with the times, using state-of-the-art methods in R&D and production. We aim for the highest level in our execution, quality, service, and guarantee, supported by a personal approach. As a distributor, you will always deal directly with a Derco employee you know. At Derco we feel this is the best way of building a close relationship with you. And it enables us to always quickly help you find the right conveyor belt for you.

Looking for a Derco distributor near you? Please contact us now, and we will help you find one.