Eco_HiResWith a view to protecting future generations, Derco prioritises a green mindset and supports the principles of sustainable development.

Our responsibility

As an innovative manufacturer of thermoplastic conveyor belts, with distributors all over the world, Derco has a responsibility for the well-being of many people. Derco’s conveyor belts are used worldwide in many different industries, therefore partly affecting the environment of the people using them.

Our sense of responsibility towards future generations comes to the fore in our use of only the cleanest and safest production methods and our sophisticated waste management.


Extensive research and the use of state-of-the-art technologies ensure that all of Derco’s conveyor and processing belts are manufactured entirely without the use of solvents. Other hazardous substances have also been replaced by harmless and green ingredients.

New developments

Our R&D department always keeps a close eye on the latest developments in thermoplastics technology, enabling us to apply the latest developments in the manufacturing of our products without wasting any time.

Waste management and recycling

We at Derco are a team that is constantly working on new ways of managing and recycling waste. This makes our production cycle cleaner, cuts waste, and leads to materials being reused whenever necessary.

Energy control

With the building of a completely new factory in 2011, we also paved the way for more environmentally friendly and smarter use of energy. Smart procedures and the use of the latest systems are making us more energy efficient, saving energy for future generations.

Future generations

Derco fights for a clean environment, clean surface water, and clean air. It is our aim to, over the coming years, continue to develop the cleanest and safest production methods, protect the environment by reusing materials, and provide the highest-quality sustainable conveyor and processing belts.

  • Conveyor and processing belts manufactured using the latest technologies.
  • Derco conveyor belts are sold worldwide through independent distributors. Our motto: Think Global, Act Local.
  • To protect our planet, Derco uses only solvent-free production methods and sophisticated waste management.