Conveyor belts are everywhere

Conveyor belts and processing belts are used in virtually every conceivable industry across the globe to convey products. Derco’s thermoplastic conveyor belts are deployed in just about any application and used worldwide.

Conveyor and processing belts for nearly any application

Below you will find a list of a number of important industries where Derco’s conveyor belts and processing belts are used. Although it will never be exhaustive, this list does provide a clear idea of the scope of our range. Virtually everything is possible.

Is your industry not listed? Chances are Derco still has the right conveyor belt for you in stock. Our experts are always on hand to help you select the most appropriate conveyor belt for your application.

Derco supplies to the following industries, among others:

Potato processing
Waste recycling
Automotive industry
Bulb cultivation
Construction materials
Cacao processing
Chemical industry
Cosmetics industry
Roof tile industry
Distribution centres
Printing industry
Electronics industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Yarn production
Stimulants industry
Plaster processing
Glass and rock wool industry
Glass industry
Corrugated cardboard industry
Fruit and vegetable processing
Timber industry
Industrial bakeries
Industrial laundries
Cardboard manufacturing
Checkout conveyor belts
Coffee production
Artificial fertilizer production
Plastic manufacturing
Leather industry

Marble and granite processing
Material handling
Metal processing
Paper industry
Cultivation of plants
Sorting offices
Curved conveyors
Rubber industry
S & Z conveyors
Foam rubber industry
Magic carpet ski lifts
Stone industry
Sugar industry
Tobacco industry
Carpet industry
Textile industry
Textile dyeing industry
Tea production
Cattle farming
Facing production
Fish-processing industry
Meat-processing industry
Food industry
Detergent production
Weaving mills
Wind tunnels
Candy industry
Dairy industry